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Touch Screens


Red Radio - RAD-I/O

RAD-I/O (Rad-ee-oh) is a new, innovative touch screen solution that will change the way you think about using touch screens in every room of the home or office. For industrial applications, put the touch screens wherever they are most usfeul. RAD-I/O is based on RedRadio's patent pending Fractional Video Display technology.

This unique solution consists of up to eight 2.7" single-gang LCD touch screens powered by a PCI video card in a Touch Screen Server. The PCI video card splits a standard VGA desktop up into 8 1/8th VGA quadrants, and outputs these 8 quadrants to the single-gang LCD touch screens. This means that anything that can be rendered on the computer's desktop will be rendered on the LCD touch screens.


Red Radio - RelayTouch

RelayTouch is an in-wall 12.1" LCD touch monitor. RelayTouch is easy to mount for new construction or retrofit applications, and can be installed up to 330 ft. from the Automation Server using industry standard VGA/USB extender technology.


Red Radio - RelayTouch-UTMA

RelayTouch-UTMA is an in-wall 12.1" LCD touch monitor that incorporates UTMA technology from NComputing. UTMA (Ultra Thin Multi Access) is a hardware-based client that provides multiple access points from a Touch Screen Server. RelayTouch is 100% quiet, reliable, attractive, and will last for years, even as home technologies change.


Elk Products - M1 7" Touch Screen

The Windows CE version on the ELK Touchscreen is the complete version with web browser. You can run you own CE programs if you want. It has an Ethernet port, RS232 port, AC97 speaker and mic, compact flash socket for memory expansion.


Samsung - Q1 / Q1B / Q1P

Imagine staying connected wherever you go. Samsung's Q1B represents a new standard for mobility and portability while providing all the robust functions of a PC notebook


WebDT 870 / 880

The WebDT 870 and 880 features the integration of a vivid 8.4” and a 7" display, with touch-screen and wired or wireless networking over an efficient and powerful AMD Geode™ GX 533 CPU. The space-saving device is expandable to accommodate accessories and peripherals. The software operating systems support server and browser based computing in addition to local, embedded applications. With shallow installation depth and low heat emission.


WebDT 560 / 570

The WebDT 550 and 570 feature the integration of bright 15" and 17" LCD displays, respectively, over an efficient and powerful VIA x86 1GHz-powered thin client platform, with optional touch screen, internal wireless communication, and magnetic stripe reader. The full-featured yet elegant, space-saving package accommodates a range of accessories and peripherals to support a wide variety of vertical applications. The software operating systems support server- and browser-based computing in addition to local, embedded



The POSEIDON is available with P3 and P4 Platforms and comes standard with 12.1”and 15”TFT LCD and with an option of touch screen. It features onboard graphics, audio, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and memory up to 512MB SDRAM (P3) and 2GB DDR (P4) capacity that make the POSEIDON powerful for multimedia applications. The POSEIDON also has the space for built-in HDD (3.5”), FDD(slim), CD/DVD-ROM Drive (slim) and two expansion slots for flexibility. It is constructed with resilient plastic and provides with different installations, such as wall/table swing arm mounted, panel mounted and desktop stand. The POSEIDON is an ideal panel system for automation.


The UltraSlim 150 is a slim Panel PC with 61mm in depth and 15” TFT panel, low power VIA C3 1GHz processor, it provide various I/O connectors, built-in speakers, IrDA and drive bays for Compact Flash, HDD, FDD and CD-ROM Drive. Wall Mounted




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